3 weeks into the new year, we are fumbling and clutching at straws to keep our well-intended New Years’s resolutions alive. Some are faring better than others and they deserve praise. Kudos. However, some others, much like myself aren’t exactly ‘killing it’.

The whole concept of ‘New Year, New Me’ is laughed at. Rightly so, because it is unthinkable to completely transform yourself when the clock strikes 12. That is the stuff, movies are made of. It takes time to change our hardwired habits and ideologies, those that we have developed naturally through years of experience and circumstance.

Should that mean- we give up all hope of change in our lives? (because death is inevitable and that’s the only change that matters?) OF COURSE NOT.
Are we going to turn our life around and live a life of content and happiness for the rest of our lives? Um, Probably not.

The solution lies in the grey. Much like the colour, the solution is dull and not to mention, tedious. It will take a lot of planning and dedication to accomplish our resolutions. A more relevant phrase I choose to use for this is, ‘New Year, Better Me’.

At the turn of the year, I had managed to make a neat list (not a physical one, but a list in my head) of all my Resolutions that I intended to accomplish this year. Needless to say, the usual suspects were all there. Fitness. Hobby. Diet. Learn a skill. Clean my room. Hobby.
I have already given up on cleaning my room.

It is said that we must actively pursue what we are most passionate about. I have always been fascinated by running. Your entire body is working to help you run and you feel the wind in your face. Your brain’s working in overdrive, just to keep you running. Your hearts racing and pumping blood faster. Once you find a rhythm, you are in it’s trance. You feel great after you are done. Tired, yes. Yet, active. Point is- I love running. (Sometimes from my problems, most of the times just running)

My New Year Resolution for 2017 is simple (to say out loud). It is more of a challenge than a resolution.

My 2017 New Year’s Challenge:

Run a Marathon.

Yes. To be precise, Jog a Marathon. Crawl if need be. 42.195 kilometers of it.

A marathon (I am aware) won’t be easy. The preparations have already started. This series will chronicle my progress through the training until the big day- ‘Marathon Day’.

Tentatively, The Full Marathon I will be running will be the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon during the 3rd week of August. Due to a lack of a better marathon in Bangalore during the second part of the year.

The last three weeks have been slow in terms of preparations. On the first weekend of the month, there was a 5k/10k run at the Kanteerava Stadium. When I enquired further about this, I learnt that the marathon’s motto was- ‘Run for Sports’. It was the perfect story line for me. Start with ‘Run for Sports’ and end with the final marathon. I enrolled myself for the 5k run.

When the Raceday did arrive, I nervously (or excitedly, not sure) put on my running gear and left for the stadium. As I entered the stadium, I noticed a lot of familiar faces, but more importantly A LOT of faces. There were so many participants for the run I enrolled in. Something in the range of 2500-3000 people. Students. Jain college students, to be precise. The event was being organised by the Jain University. After a bit of asking around, I found out that it was less of a ‘Run for Sports’ and more of a ‘Run for Attendance’. Whoever ran would get 5% attendance for their academic semester/year. Whatever the reason, they were all going to run.

The starting gun fired, the race began, but not for me though. I was still stuck at the back of the pack waiting to cross the starting line. 3 full minutes later, the race did begin for me. Pace setting, Rhythm, Organisation- all went out of the window. It wasn’t easy to manoeuvre past the countless number of bodies, but it was necessary. In the end, I finished the race comfortably with a timing of 32 minutes.

Next month will be the first time I run a 10 kilometer race.

The next update will be a rough plan of how I intend to train for the Full Marathon. It might also have a very detailed and well-thought out reason of why I shouldn’t run the marathon.

Let’s do what we think we can’t.
If you haven’t heard- What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.

I encourage you to try something new this year. Maybe in sports. Maybe in Fitness. What is going to be your #2017Challenge?

I do not currently have a training partner. Get in touch and let’s run this marathon together.


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